Air Jordan 12 “Red Suede” Get Yours Holiday 2018

A shoe from the Jordan Brand collection that’s red and suede? Word that the camp of Nike will soon premiere an Air Jordan for the Holidays is not exactly deserving a parade. But that the Brand also involved is Jordan is noteworthy. Swoosh forward to summer of 2018 and word is the Air Jordan 12 “Red Suede” is slating up for the winter season. Just one other attraction: and it’s the Air Jordan Red Suede 12 that’s supposed to illustrate a shoe construction of B-Ball and textured leather. Making the sneaker a fitting sports find for every Jordan fan.

Air Jordan 12 “Red Suede”–Not the Sticker Shock, but the Quality

The probable all-Red, the Air J 12 may likely feature doesn’t mean it won’t fetch a proper price either. Or at $190 which its predicted shoes’ sticker.

It was the retro edition of the Air Jordan 12 that reintroduced the incomparable artisan of many of the Jordan shoes’ first edition, Tinker Hatfield. Not to forget it was Hatfield that brought us the ‘Zoom Air’. The first time the Jordan shoe added exceptional cushioning that would be reworked into the Brand’s future shoe lines.

Rich, Premium Design

After 1996, the Air Jordans still see innovations in their design. The AJ 12 retro still comes in shades of Olive Canvas, Sail, and Sail/black. As one sneaker sportswear put it, the “Suede” is so “premium”, and the color so “rich”, I felt like “a glass of fine wine”.

That same finery is what you can expect in the next Air Jordan 12 “Red Suede”. With a construction that doesn’t settle for light heel and midsole support. But with a sturdy, buttery suede that’ll make its Holiday 2018 relaunch in stores a reason to toast. Get ready to own yours and what may very well become the seasonal sneaker of the year.

Brand(s): Jordan Brand and Nike.
Model: Air Jordan 12 “Red Suede”.
Colors: Red, and Black detailing.
Key Features: Basketball leather, supportive heel, and suede.
Release Date: Holiday 2018.
Price: $190.

Air Jordan 12 Red Suede Release Date

Air Jordan 12 Red Suede Release Date

Air Jordan 12 Red Suede Release Date

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