Air Jordan 8 Turbo Green Sneaker Hits Stores October 2018


Brand(s)The Jordan Brand and Nike.

Model: Air Jordan 8, “Turbo Green”.

Colors: Turbo Green and White.

Key Features: A color spread of Turbo Green replete with Black and White accents.

Style Code: 305381-113.

Price: $190.

Release Date: October 13, 2018.

Sneakerheads concur any leather shoe that’s just served up will never do. The stakes rise when the brand is from Second Team 1985 All-NBA player and Rookie of the Year, Michael Jordan, and shoe wear opportunists know when it’s time to scope their next sneaker find when the House of Jordan comes with their latest shoe. The Jordan Brand’s next offering is the AIR JORDAN 8 “TURBO GREEN” and if you want the skinny, the shoe may appear more ‘aquamarine’, first look, than an azure or a deep ocean in color instead of other AJ predecessors.

The AIR JORDAN 8 “TURBO GREEN” is coming for you 2018

This shoe sports an upper in white leather and the fan-familiar perforations on the shoe sides. The Air Jordan 8s will receive the “Turbo Green” large when the JB offers it up close and personal at retailers fall of 2018. Nothing short than expected by the basketball All-Star, Jordan, and 7-time Sporting News Most Valuable Player of the Year in the NBA.

Turbo-charged, awesome Green

The green colorway is kicked up with a Black rim above the eyelets and gray detailing from heel to toe. Expect the design to make waves when it hits the streets as a part of the Jordan shoe dynasty, but heads up, the price is a $190 and by its release October 13, 2018, you’ll need some serious monochromatic or full-on color in your wardrobe to level up with the AIR JORDAN 8 “TURBO GREEN”. A veritable cornucopia of colorways-design, that’s a breeze to wear, before you make your next fashion splash.

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