Off-White X Air Jordan 1 “Powder Blue” Sleek Summer Debut

Nike may milk its present and future shoe releases for all they’re worth. According to some fans who may balk at the Air Jordans’ sticker price. Then again, a dynamic toe and outer heel and sole in off-white and blue makes a pretty eye-popping milieu. And worth the show, when it’s the Off-White X Air Jordan 1 on the slate. The 2018 Air Jordans steps up the ‘pretty’ in what first looks like a deceptively sweet “Powder Blue”.

Not when you get a close up at these baby blues. One gander at the Off-White X Air Jordan 1 “Powder Blue” releasing this summer and you’ll see like we did how tight a design the Virgil Abloh construction throws down the gauntlet in exceptional “Air” detail. And we’re about going big while taming the little foxes of design before they fiddle with the shoe wear vine.

Higher-end athletic wear is what the Jordan Brand and Nike frequently bring. The Air Jordan Off-White X Air delivers large with lush stitching in the lower sole and embroidery from heel to upper that’s outright sick when you gawk at them close and upfront. Inside outlet lacing near the toe box and sleek outer lacing at the ankle give an added stability.

“Air” is tattooed literally on the lower white portion of the colorways. And a partially-telltale quote lies on the inside of the outer shoe. Signaling the Air Jordan 1 “Off White” was also a trademark circa 1995, “Beaverton, OH”.

Sportswear aficionados note the “UNC” feel with the Jordans’ Off-White and powdery blue design. But what you’ll fall “in heart” with the tiniest hints of orange that are infused in these beauties. After a June 9, 2018 street date, the Off-White X Air Jordan 1 “Powder Blue”retails at a cool $190.

Editors’ Note: Imagine a shoe with laces that say, “Shoelaces”. Our glimpse to you of how trendsetting the Off-White X Air Jordan 1 rocks kicks.

Off-White x Air Jordan 1
Color: White/Dark Powder Blue-Cone
Style Code: AQ0818-148
Release Date: June 19, 2018
Price: $190

“UNC” Off-White x Air Jordanc

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