Air Jordan 1 “Aleali May”


aj5991 062 | black, shadow grey-white | 2017



The Air Jordan 1 “Aleali May” 2017 release is designed in black, shadow grey-white color scheme.

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“Aleali May brought her creative blend of streetwear and high fashion to the design of her very first Jordan 1. It’s dressed in a cool grey satin and black corduroy representing L.A her hometown. She finds inspiration from the Kings and the Raiders in her designs.

1. Why you should buy the shoe…

The Air Jordan 1 “Aleali May” offers firm, flat footing and arch support on the inside, to make sure that every fall is accounted for. Let’s say you’re making a slam dunk, but you come back down with quite the impact. The shoe will, of course, absorb it and also help keep your footing stable and secure as you land. The snug, tight fit that it can adjust to is truly helpful here, to this end. Buy a pair and you’ll see —- nothing to lose, much to gain, and with the discount you can get here, now’s a better time than ever. Save money and get a shoe that is high-quality all at the same time.

2. The benefits of buying the shoe…

The Air Jordan 1 “Aleali May” is not exactly breathable, as some call it, but it’s still a great shoe all in all. It works to provide a solid heel toe drop, a nicely upward arched midsole from the front to the back, a curved and contoured toe box that is also quite cozy on the inside, and a decent midsole and tread. The heel tab and upper front area are both soft but firm, covered up primarily by the shoe laces.

3. Describing the shoe’s color and style just a bit…

This shoe’s white, black and gray in every place; not only that, but it displays a sort of retro look to it, offering a classic feel. This has been the opinion of many, and I, for one, concur; the shoe resembles a classic collector’s shoe and would make a great new addition to your basketball shoes collection.

4. How you can wear these shoes…

The Air Jordan 1 “Aleali May” can be worn with some neutral similar colors, to help match the shoes, such as light gray or black or white jeans. Try shorts too. Match it up!”

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