Air Jordan 1 (I) – Black/Varsity Red


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The perfect sneaker for Chicago fans, the Air Jordan 1 (I) – Black/Varsity Red sneakers are great for those who like to represent the Bulls. However, given that this particular color scheme has been officially banned in the NBA, it is highly unlikely that you’ll see your favorite player wearing them anytime soon. However, retro Jordans are notoriously known for being great basketball shoes. So, if you are looking for a a great quality pair of shoes to play b-ball in, these just might be it.

Trendy Shoes

If you are considering purchasing some new sneakers for the sake of being trendy, the Air Jordan 1’s are also highly stylish. As mentioned, the shoes are red and black but the way the shoe is designed is what makes it so attractive. Complete with red bottoms and Nike signs, the rest of the sneaker is mostly black, besides the toe cap (which is obviously red), these shoes are perfect for those who prefer a bit flashier pattern on their shoes.

How to Wear

Need tips of wearing your Jordans? Well, first you have to pick the right ones. From there, you will want to use your sneakers as the focal point of your ensemble and simply find the best clothing that allows your sneakers to pop. You will also want to wear low or no-show socks. Jordans are mean to be a status symbol, so, let them! When you wear your Jordans, be sure to minimize the crazy patterns and just keep your clothing choices super simple.

Overall, the Air Jordan 1 (I) are great shoes for anyone who loves red and black and also for those who love basketball and/or the Chicago Bulls. Be sure to grab a pair if you fit this description!

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