Air Jordan 1 Chicago White Black Red (2014)


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1. Why you should buy the shoe…

Buy this shoe for the fact alone that it makes for a one of a kind fashion statement, one that says that you are unique and that there’s no two of you anywhere else on the planet. You are truly one of a kind, so never forget that. And let this special shoe remind you of it, as this shoe is also no less the same. It’s one of its kind, a product made by the best minds in the Air Jordan business.

2. The benefits of buying the shoe…

You can reach for the stars when you try this shoe on, and that’s no joke: It will internally cushion your feet so as to allow you to both reach farther and jump higher, especially if the game of basketball is your everyday delight. Do not let anything stop you from getting your pair today, and did we mention the fact that these shoes also come in a durable leather made to last for years when well-maintained? It’s true!

3. Describing the shoe’s color and style just a bit…

The shoe is white, black and red, and you can note that instantly upon seeing it for yourself here. But white is the big color that stands out here, followed by red. It’s funny, but if you look closely and notice carefully, you’ll see that the bottom of the shoe is also entirely red, making for a nice little touch, don’t you think? The red here is bright, not dark, invoking a more youthful and playful, carefree spirit in the user as well; I bet you may not have noticed that, did you? It’s subliminal undertone messaging at its best.

4. How you can wear the shoe…

Wear the shoe outside or inside, especially when playing on a basketball court. It’s made to make you feel more relaxed, comfortable, and in charge.

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