Air Jordan Retro 10 (X) White Black Light Grey Campus Red (2013) AAA


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No matter if you are looking for a trendy shoe or just something that is also functional, the Air Jordan Retro 10 (X) come in a variety of colors including red, white, and blue, and the color scheme for these which is black, light grey, and campus red. Although the shoe is mostly white, the red, grey, and black accents certainly make them a bolder choice.

Reasons to Buy

Great for basketball players and other athletic types, these shoes are the perfect addition to anyone’s closet who likes to look good while they play ball. Moreover, for those who are buying these to play sports in, they are known to be very comfortable, according to most Jordan/ basketball enthusiasts. On the flip side, did you know that retro Jordans essentially never go out of style? It’s true! These sneakers are considered to be timeless by sneaker heads and other shoe enthusiasts so, you may never have to worry about them going “out of style”.

How to Rock

Need tips on rocking your Air Jordan Retro 10’s? Firstly, keep in mind that your shoes are the most important part of your ensemble. If you are looking to show off your shoes, you will want to downplay your outfit in general. So, if you are a fan of patterns and prints, you will want to leave those behind when showing off your Jordans. Additionally, you’ll want to wear low or no-show socks so your socks do not outshine your shoes.

Overall, the Air Jordan Retro 10’s are a great option for sneaker lovers of all kinds. Comfortable, stylish, and long-lasting, purchase these shoes if you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe without having to do a ton of work to make it happen.

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