Nike Air Jordan 1 (I) Black/Royal Blue (2013)


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When you purchase these sneakers, you don’t just carry home some basketball shoes, but take-home part of the legacy left by Michael Jordan. The shoes are virtually cool and provide cushioning at the front and at the ankles to protect your feet from injuries. You cannot afford to miss your pair from my store one of these summer season because the offers have just become better with over 75 percent off.

Why should you purchase them?

Aside from the crazy offers, the Nike Air Jordan 1 (I) Black/Royal Blue are not only meant for basketball players, but for anyone creative enough and who cares about fashion, style and elegance. Anyone can rock in any outfit from shorts, jeans, casual skirts or dresses for these stylish, fashionable sneakers are a form of casual wear.

Tips for wearing your Jordan’s

Jordan’s are meant to be a piece of statement. They do not have to completely match your closet. That is why they come in multifaceted looks so as to help you start your dressing up from bottom to top. For instance, you can try the following tips for the Nike Air Jordan 1 (I) Black/Royal Blue.

1. A royal blue t-shirt lends well with the black/royal blue Jordan. If you don’t have the T-shirt try getting dark blue pants.

2. For ladies, shorts and casual dresses, go well with this color provided the colors aren’t too bright.

3. Put on socks that fit around your ankles. make sure the color is white or black or any matching color for your Jordan’s

4. Always tuck in your jeans into your Jordan’s if you are wearing jeans.

5. Learn to blend colors, for instance, a royal blue hat, purse, scarf or any royal blueprint in your accessory go well with the Nike Air Jordan 1 (I) Black/Royal Blue.

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