Nike Air Jordan 4 (IV) White/Blue/Grey (2013)

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The Nike Air Jordan 4 is still one of the most popular sneakers in the Jordan series. With significant improvements featured in its design as compared to the previous versions, it is a gem that sneakers lovers should absolutely have. Retailing at only $99.99, which is almost 75% off other retailer prices, Kickscraze is definitely the place to get the Nike Air Jordan 4.

If you maintain a collection of the Jordan line of sneakers, then you should ultimately buy the shoe. Its timeless design and classic look is an aspect that has got a number of sneaker fanatics reaching to the shops to get themselves a pair. Ultimately, being a Michael Jordan fan should obviously make you buy this shoe.

Buying the Nike Air 4 comes with a lot of benefits, due to its unique design. The traction that comes with it is pretty solid ankle support hence keeps you up, regardless of your direction of motion. Also, this shoe provides you with the much-needed cushion due to the encapsulated air in the forefoot. In addition, the Nike Air 4 is durable as a result of the PU coated leather.

The Nike Air 4 comes in a shade of white, blue and grey. Its unique style features a molded arch and superior lockdown to provide you with enough support. Its side panels also offer very good ventilation. Furthermore, its style features encapsulated air in the forefoot with a heel air unit along with a polyurethane midsole for cushioning. Its forefoot lacewings help ensure fit as they tightly hug and hold your forefoot into place.

Pairing your Jordans with slim fit jeans help enhance your shoes hence making them the centerpiece of your outfit. On low tops such as this, wearing a pair of low-cut, neutral colored socks that fit well around your ankles will help pair well. Furthermore, color coordinating your outfit with your Jordans by choosing a top with colors that blend well with the Jordans would also suffice.

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