The 10: Air Jordan 1 “Off-White”


aa3834 101 | white, black-varsity red | 2017

These are the unauthorized authentic (UA) version.

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The OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1 comes dressed in a classic Chicago color scheme, but that’s where the traditional aspect of the shoe ends. There’s plenty of things that make the shoe stand out from your regular-constructed Air Jordan 1 High. Think of it as a deconstructed version of the model. For starters, the medial side gets rid of the Swoosh in favor of OFF WHITE branding that reads ” Off-White TM for NIKE “AIR JORDAN 1″ Beverton, Oregon USA c. 1985”. Although that may be the case, if you take a closer look, you will notice that the perforation/stitch holes of the Swoosh are still intact. The lateral side of the shoe does have a Swoosh on it, but it appears to only be connected to the shoe by the visible Blue stitching noted on both ends of the Swoosh. When it comes to construction, it appears as if leather, suede and mesh are all in play. The shoe will also come with a total of four different lace options, a frayed White tongue and various words in double quotation marks (including AIR on the midsole and SHOELACES on the laces).

“The Air Jordan 1 Off-White X 2017 release is designed in classic Chicago color scheme.

1. Why you should buy the shoe…

A shoe like this one will give you a good run for its money, to say the very least: It is both durable and dependable overall, especially if you just can’t enough basketball in your life; this shoe is, in fact, made with consideration to every aspect of the sport. It will offer comfort, traction, cushioning, stability and more. Try one out today.

2. The benefits of buying the shoe…

It includes flare foxing as an option by means of its backend as well as sizes 7 through 12. Usually, these AIR JORDAN shoes would tend to range from sizes 8-13 but this one shows to be the exception, so whatever your foot size, there more than likely is the chance that you will be able to comfortably fit into a pair. You just have to try.

Furthermore is the fact that the shoe’s bottom red soles are entirely flat, making it difficult for you to twist or bend your foot backward, along with the shoe, in the unexpected event of collision or some other accident while on the playing court. This shoe is ready for all that and more, taking the full blast of the collisional impact as well through its interior insole cushion made of foam.

3. Describing the shoe’s color and style just a bit…

The shoe is of a more casual, laid back style and is usable at any basketball game, whether you’re just watching or you’re the one actually playing; the shoe is red and black, with white, gray, orange, blue, and green subliminal touches. The word AIR is seen on the side of the shoe near the bottom, and the NIKE logo is displayed across the middle. It’s a nice touch overall.

4. How you can wear these shoes…

Use these AIR JORDANS to make a semi-casual look come alive. Try them with matching clothing colors.”

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